Saturday, November 12, 2011

In deep silence most aware

I sit on the wooden bench in the dome
After sitting for a while on the foam
Waiting for my son to wake up after a long rest
Knowing that to go with flow is best
I will attest
That turbulence not created is best!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

The grim chagrin

As I gaze deep in horror at his behavior I see my own reflected in it
My ego, writhing and hissing would overtake my Self in self satisfied smugness
Smirked when the embers of impulses of evolutionary fire smoked within
But today I saw it's ugly face and viewed to battle the ego

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Spider weaving in the Rain

Here I stand cold, shivering, drenched in disbelief
The car, that ran into the puddle of reality, did not stop
I blinked, through the tears of regret, trying to make out the make and model,
That car was Time,
Oblivious, it's driver Destiny texting awkwardly as it sped across our lives
Why was I on this side if the road, still
I wiped the mud off my watch which was also supposed to keep Time
And noticed with a sinking sensation
That I was late
To teach him what had wanted to
I was too late to arm him with mental shields and swords
In his quest, not on the video game
But in Life
I had tried like the spider in the rain
To weave my silk of teachings to help him with a snack on his great life adventure

But the rain was brutal unforgiving, and I kept at it and I will keep at it, even though there is no time left.

Only the Master of Time can
Only the Lord of the Worlds can
'He says "Be!"
And it is'

I prostrate myself before the Lord Of Love
"The Infinitely Compassionate , the All-Merciful
Guide me on the straight Path
Those who have received your bounty
Not the ones who received your Wrath
And not the ones who lost their Way"

Monday, September 12, 2011

The fleeting winds of time

In silent awe of the passage of time
The river of life gushing blindly onwards
Oblivious to our nostalgia, pleasure and pain
Indifferent to our loss or gain
Caring not whether there's sunshine or rain
Grabs you by the lions mane
Stares you in the eyes and says
Rejoice, pray and thank
For it will be gone!
روزها گر رفت گو رو باک نیست
تو بمان ای آنک چون تو پاک نیست
If the days pass by, tell them, go on then, no fear
Stay with me, the One to whom none compares in Purity