Monday, February 07, 2005

Snow Flurries and SOA

With a new laptop, thins are faster and work is getting done faster. This is good. Tools enable your productivity and boost morale.

Worked on the various ways to realize an SOA; patterns for SOA realization.

Jaren Diamond's book Collapse seems a good read.

The attitude we have in conversing with others reflects our mood, our state of awareness. The more tired we are the more myopic and tend to press people's buttons by being insensitive: answering a question truthfully is good; but can loose sight of the whole. A holistic individual is one that sees the context of the question being asked and reads into it the tacit and implicit message of the inquirer. The response to the question is then more than that: it addresses the implicit request of the inquirer while addressing the question itself.

"The greatest enemy of a man is misunderstanding", as my Grandfather says.

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