Monday, December 27, 2010

Yearly Post 2010

I was pondering sorta sleepy sorta awake this morning and felt these words:

"As I crouch huddled in the alley of fear, on the sidewalk of loneliness, clanging menacing footsteps approach, what will they bring: friend or foe? "

Seems like I blog once a year on this particular blog and a lot more on my others :-)

"Time is creeping up on us and passed us by -- waving in the cold finality , while hope is panting, sweating even, trying hard to catch up and smile."

"Regrets of bold and impulsive actions past, meander in my settled mind, i wonder how i changed the course of my life, our lives, for the better or for worse?"

Create then whoever you may be, I am the Lord of the verse said he, and I'll lead you on, into the wilderness of thought; the "thicket of thought" as Rumi puts it.

I stand and sit and wait in a state of suspension, poised anticipation of what the next few hours will bring. Take action, engage, but the result? No one knows: 'you have control over action alone, never over the fruits of action' Therefore engage in action with no thought of its fruit, engage in purity, invoke the Divine, keep to the Middle Way and follow the Path , the Dao within to discover the world without.

For after all that is said and done, we are all one, and aside is none, we have fun, we have tears, we express our innermost fears, to the ones we hold dear, but time rolls on and the golden globe rises in the east yet again and a new day begins, Hope with the incorporeal etheric mist , materializes and we draw on the Divine for Mercy and Blessing.

May you create every day; may you make joyous your loved ones every day, may you get closer to the Divine in You every day, may you be established in the unshakeable very day, spread the blessings, spread the peace.

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